Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

CFS can be a debilitating condition with a massive impact on life, physically and emotionally.

CFS can be a debilitating condition with a massive impact on life, physically and emotionally.  It comprises of a range of symptoms that include fatigue, a flu-like malaise, sleep disturbance, inability to concentrate, difficulty finding words, headaches, muscle and/or joint pain to name but a few.  The impact from these physical and cognitive symptoms can also trigger emotional symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

Each case is individual and the symptoms experienced by each person vary.  Physical or mental exertion makes the symptoms worse.  Fatigue is the main symptom and this can be debilitating.  It is unlike everyday fatigue and can be triggered by minimal activity.  It is best described as the feeling you get after climbing the stairs when suffering with the flu.  The individual symptoms should be investigated to rule out any underlying causes prior to diagnosis with CFS.

Causes of CFS and the disease process are not yet fully understood.  This has a large emotional impact on the person with CFS and their families.  However a lot can be done to help them understand the condition, it's triggers and how to manage the condition in order to have a meaningful life without continually suffering from the symptom.

Treatment revolves around managing the symptoms.  Symptoms can be exacerbated by increased physical activity and stress, so each person needs to learn what their individual triggers are.  They may find that they have the tendency to push themselves beyond their physical capabilities and have an inability to rest and relax.  So with the added complication of reduced ability to concentrate they may find themselves being busy all day, getting exhausted but not getting any tasks finished.

Physiotherapy can help those with CFS understand their condition, individual symptoms, aggravating factors and behavioural patterns.  Together a treatment program is planned to improve physical activity levels, endurance and methods to improve the body and mind’s ability to rest and relax.  It takes some time for the changes made to have an impact, however persistence is well worth the effort.  A good lifestyle can be realised by remaining mindful of your individual physical and emotional triggers.

At the Centre for Clinical Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of services, knowledge and expertise to effectively treat and manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Treatments are delivered by highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about delivering a quality service and the best possible results for you.

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