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I had my gallbladder removed on the 13th of Feb by Dr Nutt. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, the staff were absolutely brilliant. Wish I could afford to go there all the time!! thank you!!

- Davis

MRI scan

I would just like to thank the two Ben’s for being totally understanding and taking me through the full procedure slowly so I could see if I could go through with the scan as I am extremely claustrophobic. They put me totally at ease and the scan went without fault. I have tried three times before in the past to have an MRI and none were successful. Absolute professionals. Thank you.

- MRI scan

I'm convinced preventative screening is the best way to safeguard our health

Having played rugby at club, national and international level I understand the importance of looking after your health. We all service our cars regularly, but how often do we do the same for our bodies?

During my Platinum Elite Health Assessment, the healthcare professionals at St Joseph's Hospital explained each procedure step-by-step, so I felt comfortable at all times.

There are so many things we do in our lives that contribute to a greater risk of disease - I'm convinced preventative screening is the best way to safeguard our health.

- Gareth Davies
Chairman of WRU, former Wales International and British & Irish Lion

World leading technology coupled with a patient-focussed approach

Having spent my career hurling myself around race tracks at 200 miles per hour, it might come as a surprise that I am actually overtly conscious of the importance of maintaining my health both for me personally and for my family.

Within the motorsport industry, the cars are consistently subjected to numerous tests and measures to ensure that they are in top working order – yet the status of the person behind the wheel is equally as important! It was this that first prompted me to visit St Joseph’s Hospital and undertake one of their Elite Health Assessments.

I have experienced ‘top to toe’ assessments previously, including in the States, and the Elite Health Assessment exceeded them all – world leading technology coupled with a patient-focussed approach. From the very outset, I was met by a conscientious and hard-working institution where it was clear that it was the patient who was at the centre of every thought and decision. Their professional yet personable service left me in no doubt that my health was in the best possible hands moving forward.

For those working in high-risk industries where the margins for error are so minute, for me it borders on complacency to not put measures in place to manage your own health. The old adage rings true in that prevention is always better than the cure and by taking the preventive measures offered by the diligent and attentive team at St Joseph’s Hospital, I am secure in the knowledge that I am keeping myself in control of my own health.

- Mark Blundell
Former F1 driver and Le Mans 24 hrs winner

My granddaughter is over the moon that I can now play games with her

The pain in my knee started about 10 years ago. I found it difficult to move and couldn’t walk very far. Simple things like walking to the pub to meet my friends or sitting on the floor to play games and do drawings with my four-year-old granddaughter were impossible.

I saw my GP several times over the years and had x-rays and scans. But the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with my knee. I went to see a new GP and was advised to see a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and was referred to Mr Aled Evans. As soon as I explained my situation he asked me to walk up and down the room for him. He told me right away that he thought my hip was stiff and was causing the pain. 

I had an x-ray that morning, confirming his diagnosis. I decided to have a total hip replacement.
The surgery went well and I was up and about after two days. I had a tailored recovery plan which included medication, physiotherapy and exercises to do at home. 

I feel that I’ve got my freedom back. My granddaughter is over the moon that I can now play games and run around with her in the garden.

- Colin Swenson

The utmost professionalism, kindness and care

My son was cared for at St Joseph’s whilst undergoing Peripheral Stem Cell donation. I wish to thank all of the team who displayed the utmost professionalism, kindness and care throughout the process.

I am very proud of Rhydian for undertaking such a selfless act to help a person in need. The process was made seamless by the interventions of the staff at St Joseph’s.

- Karen Jones

St Joseph’s has the best staff I have ever come across.

St Joseph’s has the best staff I have ever come across. They went out of their way to see that my needs were met. Each and every staff member had excellent people skills – they had obviously been trained to a high standard. 

Keep up the good work!

- Mr David
Mid Glamorgan

I could not have asked for more!

A little over 15 weeks ago I had a knee operation meticulously performed by Mr Pullen. At that point however I thought my days of distance running were numbered. I was then handed to Jilly in the Physio team who worked really hard to get the strength & flexibility back into my legs and also get my confidence back.

Here I am a little over 16 weeks post op having just completed the Severn Bridge Half Marathon.
This would never have been possible had it not been for the superb work of Mr Pullen and the expertise, determination support from Jilly. Every element of my stay, the run up to it and the aftercare was perfect. I could not have asked for more!

- Mr Kevin Jordan

She was patient and she really listened.

Having suffered from a severe skin infection and spending a month back and forth to my GP and out-of-hours at St. Woolos (with no answers), I booked in to see Dr Echeveste privately. All I can say is she was so lovely and 20 minutes with her was more useful than the numerous nurses and doctors I've seen this past month. She was patient and she really listened, this was so refreshing and unexpected. The staff on the front desk were also lovely and couldn't do enough to help. What a difference from one hospital to the next. I would highly recommend this hospital to others.

- Miss Livvy Manship

All the care I needed was available under one roof.

I received a brochure through my letterbox promoting St Joseph’s new services and within a couple of weeks I fell whist walking my dogs and remembered the UrgentCare Centre. I was in immense pain and the guarantee of being seen within 30 minutes made my decision to attend St Joseph’s an easy one. 

Upon arrival I was met at the entrance by Mark, an emergency nurse specialist, who provided me with crutches and immediately took me through for consultation. He initially focussed on reducing my pain and then took me for an MRI. Again, there was no waiting and by the time I returned to UrgentCare following the scan Dr Ng had viewed my scan and diagnosed a fractured patella.

An orthopaedic consultant was brought to see me and I was booked in for surgery three days later. My pre-surgical assessment was undertaken and a physiotherapist strapped my leg. I was home within four hours with all arrangements for my surgery in place. 

The care I received during my inpatient stay was first class – nothing was too much trouble. I even stayed an extra night as I didn’t feel quite well enough to go home and this was arranged seamlessly. 

Thanks to a programme of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, all undertaken at St Joseph’s, my rehabilitation has exceeded expectation. 

I cannot recommend St Joseph’s highly enough. All the care I needed was available under one roof, without delay and was delivered by exceptionally diligent and caring staff.

- Mrs Dance

I value my health and appreciated how quickly he was able to operate

Thanks to Mr Stephenson I am getting my life back. I was unwell for several months which affected my work and my role as a mother horribly. I never knew when I was going to have a few bad days of pain and up in bed. I value my health and appreciated how quickly he was able to operate and set me on the road to recovery. Thank you!

- Ms Jenkins

The anaesthetist was amazing and the surgery worked perfectly.

The care I received from all staff was personal, friendly and expertly delivered. Knowing I would get my treatment on the elected date was important to me. The anaesthetist was amazing and the surgery worked perfectly.

- Mr Savage


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