What can we do to cope with anxiety about the Coronavirus?

4th May 2020

Coping with your feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic? The COVID-19 crisis has produced many unknowns in our lives.  Will I become sick? Will my loved ones contract the virus and end up in a hospital? Will I lose my job?  Will I need to cancel my wedding?  How am I going to cope with the lockdown? Psychologist, Dr Leonie Jones, provides some advice; "All these what-ifs piling on top of one another are a recipe for anxiety and panic

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St Joseph’s Hospital in collaboration with NHS Wales to fight Coronavirus

9th April 2020

Working in partnership with NHS Wales to fight COVID-19 We are very proud to be part of this collective effort against COVID-19 and have agreed a formal partnership with NHS Wales to support the national response.  St Joseph's Hospital has committed it's bed capacity, facilities, expertise and resource to support the NHS during this very difficult time

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Stuart Hammond, CEO of St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport

NASA Engineered Anti-Gravity Treadmill aids rehabilitation

18th February 2020

Whether you have an injury or you're an in-patient receiving post-operative treatment, we offer personalised exercise and rehabilitation programmes at our centre for physiotherapy. Our multi-disciplinary physiotherapy team will ensure that you receive the best treatment and advice possible.   We have some of the latest high-tech equipment available as part of the rehabilitation programme - this includes the world’s premier Anti-GravityTreadmill, manufactured by AlterG and engineered by NASA

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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Ways to stop embarrassing leaks

2nd January 2020

Leakage is never normal and can be prevented. Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It’s a common problem thought to affect millions of people.  Recently, television personality and presenter, Ferne McCann opened up about her struggle with incontinence following the birth of her daughter. She talked about the embarrassment of wetting herself daily and her worries for the future

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Hidden angina check which can identify early warning signs

16th December 2019

Highly specialist scan shows whether arteries supplying blood to the heart are narrowed or becoming blocked. We spoke to Chris, a patient at St Joseph’s who recently had a CT Coronary Angiogram, to ask him a few questions about why he chose to have his heart assessed. We then spoke to the experts at St Joseph's to find out what the CT scan identified

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Healthy heart and peace of mind

25th November 2019

No waiting times, state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and professional, friendly staff are just some of the reasons to visit St Joseph's Hospital if you have any concerns about your health. Paul Davies, a patient of St Joseph’s Hospital, recently had an MRI scan having experienced abnormal heart palpitations when fitness training. Here’s what he had to say: Tell us a bit about your sporting life? I’m 41 years of age and have always been reasonably athletic

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