Patient Promise

St Joseph's Mission Statement

Our Mission is to place the patient at the heart of everything we do and to provide the highest standards of healthcare.

We will take time to listen, offer choices, and deliver quality care within a safe environment.

Our Vision is to provide the highest standards of healthcare which is accessible and affordable and to be a valued contributor in the support of clinical research.

This vision will provide the power behind the way we think, the way we act, and the way we are with others.

We will adopt a ‘whatever it takes’ mind-set; continuously improving care, and utilising the latest evidence-based research to guide our treatments and services.

Our health values are what we stand for and how we work:  

P – Means Patients. Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We will seek to exceed their expectations to gain their trust and loyalty. 

R – Means Respectful. We will always be kind and show respect to everyone. We will care for others with humility and compassion.

O – Means Ownership. We take ownership of everything we do and continuously learn and improve. We are accountable for our actions and will embrace new ways of thinking and working to grow. We will invest wisely and work efficiently.  

U – Means Unity. We are collaborators, working in partnership with our colleagues; valuing others, and their roles. We will listen with the heart and mind and communicate in an open manner. We will demonstrate commitment to our patients, clinicians, referrers, health insurers, and collaborative organisations.

D – Means Deliver. We will deliver outstanding care. We embrace the latest processes and adopt evidence-based technologies to guide our treatments and services. We will celebrate success.

Our principles:

Our patients are at the heart of everything we are and everything we do.

To employ people who are caring, have high moral and ethical standards, and believe in our values.
To invest in our people, they are our most valuable resource, enabling continuing growth and development.
To continuously improve the quality and value of care we give to our patients.
To listen and to communicate in an open, honest, and straight forward manner.
To embrace innovation and new technologies. To learn from others in the spirit of collaboration.
To be the first choice for insurers, clinicians, and patients.
To deliver the highest clinical outcomes.

We are committed to:

  1. Recognise and value everyone as unique and individual.
  2. Provide open and accurate information about our performance as a hospital in terms of medical outcomes, patient satisfaction and pricing to enable patients to make a fully-informed choice of hospital.
  3. Provide our self-pay patients with a fully-detailed fixed price at the time of booking.  You will not be charged for any hidden extras.
  4. Welcome comment and feedback from all of our patients and to always respond and continually learn.

Please read our Statement of Purpose.

St Joseph's News

St Joseph’s Hospital opens up 50 new roles at various levels

10th December 2020

Recruitment drive ahead of new £3m day surgery unit St Joseph’s Hospital has started recruiting for 50 new positions across the hospital, ahead of the opening of a new day surgery unit in April 2021

St Joseph’s Hospital transformed with £4m investment. New “state-of-the-art MRI scanner” is unveiled today

14th October 2020

Today, a market leading scanner is unveiled at St Joseph’s Hospital as part of a £1.3m project – the latest stage in a £4m overhaul, which began in February 2020

St Joseph’s Hospital staff rise to pandemic challenge

9th September 2020

Hospitals across the world have had to deal with the complex issues brought about by COVID-19, and St Joseph’s in Newport is no exception. The hospital, bought by a local private investor in February 2020, has been part of the collective effort against the pandemic collaborating in a formal partnership with NHS Wales to support the national response

What can we do to cope with anxiety about the Coronavirus?

4th May 2020

Coping with your feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic? The COVID-19 crisis has produced many unknowns in our lives.     Will I become sick? Will my loved ones contract the virus and end up in a hospital? Will I lose my job?  Will I need to cancel my wedding?  How am I going to cope with the lockdown? Psychologist, Dr Leonie Jones, provides some advice; "All these what-ifs piling on top of one another are a recipe for anxiety and panic

Stuart Hammond, CEO of St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport

St Joseph’s Hospital in collaboration with NHS Wales to fight Coronavirus

9th April 2020

Working in partnership with NHS Wales to fight COVID-19 We are very proud to be part of this collective effort against COVID-19 and have agreed a formal partnership with NHS Wales to support the national response

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

NASA Engineered Anti-Gravity Treadmill aids rehabilitation

18th February 2020

Whether you have an injury or you're an in-patient receiving post-operative treatment, we offer personalised exercise and rehabilitation programmes at our centre for physiotherapy

Ways to stop embarrassing leaks

2nd January 2020

Leakage is never normal and can be prevented. Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It’s a common problem thought to affect millions of people

Hidden angina check which can identify early warning signs

16th December 2019

Highly specialist scan shows whether arteries supplying blood to the heart are narrowed or becoming blocked. We spoke to Chris, a patient at St Joseph’s who recently had a CT Coronary Angiogram, to ask him a few questions about why he chose to have his heart assessed

Healthy heart and peace of mind

25th November 2019

No waiting times, state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities and professional, friendly staff are just some of the reasons to visit St Joseph's Hospital if you have any concerns about your health

Humanitarian hernia surgery: innovative repairs with “mosquito-net” mesh by renowned surgeon Mr Brian Stephenson

13th November 2019

In rural Africa and other resource-poor areas, elective hernia surgery is often neglected as hospitals are ‘far and few’ and attending surgeons ‘difficult to find’

Hip replacement gives Newport gentleman new lease of life

1st October 2019

In England and Wales approximately 160,000 total hip and knee replacement procedures are performed each year. Medical advances mean that hip replacement operations are now less invasive, and the implants last for longer than ever before

Rapid recovery from ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair

30th September 2019

Wales’ most capped footballer, Jessica Fishlock MBE, has been blown away by the rehabilitation facilities at St Joseph’s Hospital.