Day Surgery

Health issues won't wait - why should you?

We are here to help you get better faster with over 75 years of expertise in healthcare. Same-day surgery is designed to give you greater flexibility, minimise any stress and anxiety and facilitate a faster recovery. 

The brand-new Day Surgery Unit uses the latest technology across every surgical speciality. Our specialist day surgery team are highly experienced and will ensure that your treatment and short time in hospital is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Day surgery is for surgical procedures where you require only a brief stay in hospital. Operations such as cataract surgery, hernia repair, removal of skin lumps, gall bladder removal, carpal tunnel release and knee arthroscopy are performed in Day Surgery. You will be admitted on the day of your surgery, and go home on the same day, a few hours after the procedure.

Being independent, we can match our resources to meet your needs. For you, that means faster consultation appointments and consultant-led care. All provided in a safe clinical setting.

300 treatments across 40 different specialities.
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Recent Reviews from Day Surgery Patients:

“I wasn’t anxious before coming in for surgery as I had confidence in the hospital, and I knew that I was having a local anaesthetic. I wasn’t sedated during surgery and was amazed that I didn’t feel a thing. My arm was shrouded so I didn’t know that the surgery was happening.

Everyone has been so helpful and kind – that in itself gives you the confidence that you can trust those looking after you.”

“I cannot recommend St Joseph's highly enough. Having had gastro pains for a number of months I made an appointment to see Mr Brian Stephenson. I found him very warm, caring, approachable and a very professional consultant, who went that extra mile...

On the day of my operation the nursing and medical staff were excellent and put me at ease prior to the operation and provided excellent after care before I was discharged."

The Day Surgery Unit has a separate entrance to the left of the main hospital entrance. To discover more click on the links below.

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