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Rezum Therapy for prostate problems

REZUM Therapy for prostate problems

Rezum therapy is a minimally invasive procedure suitable for the majority of men presenting with urinary symptoms due to enlarged prostate.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) usually presents as excess growth of prostate tissue which obstructs the urethra. Symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia are frequency and urgency to urinate, irregular flow and getting up in the night to urinate.

BPH is a common medical condition in males over 50 years of age and is not usually a serious threat to health.

How is the treatment performed?

Rezum therapy is carried out as a day case procedure, usually requiring local anaesthetic and sedation. 

This treatment uses a controlled amount of water that is converted into vapour or steam and delivered into the prostate tissue that causes BPH. The vapour ablates (destroys) the obstructive prostate tissue.

During the treatment, saline is delivered through the device to enable visualisation and keep the urethra cool and protect it from the thermal effects of the vapour during treatment.

Significant improvement of BPH symptoms.

Quicker return to everyday activities.

Preservation of sexual function.

Daycase procedure.

A good alternative to BPH medication, providing improved quality of life.

There are possible side effects as there are with all procedures. Side effects are usually temporary and may include:

  • Inability to urinate,
  • Short-term need for catheterisation,
  • Painful urination,
  • Blood in the urine.

There are a range of treatments available for prostate problems which you can discuss with your consultant urologist.

Rezum Therapy for prostate problems at St Josephs

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