Duplex scan for varicose veins

Arterial duplex scan for varicose veins

This can be used to investigate problems with the arteries or the veins.

Duplex ultrasound, a non-invasive scan of the blood vessels, is essential to plan the best treatment for patients with varicose veins. The duplex ultrasound examination of the veins maps out the pattern of superficial incompetence, identifying which veins need treatment.

Arterial duplex ultrasound uses sound waves to create a map of the arteries in your legs to identify peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Duplex scanning uses a combination of ultrasound and colour-flow Doppler.

Duplex ultrasound examination of varicose veins is recommended by NICE for patients considering varicose vein treatments.

This investigation can be performed as part of a “one-stop” assessment of patients with varicose veins or can be performed at a separate appointment.

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