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If a patient has impingement (tendonitis, bursitis) and non-operative measures have failed, an arthroscopic subacromial decompression may be performed.

The aim of the operation is to remove inflammatory tissue and increase the space for the rotator cuff tendons to move, reducing the friction between the overlying structures and tendons.  In order to accomplish this, a small amount of bone is shaved away from the acromion making a smooth surface and soft tissues (including a ligament) are released.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic.  The operation is generally performed as a day case or overnight stay if performed late in the day.

Two or three small wounds (0.5cm) are required to place the arthroscope (camera) into the shoulder, together with the instruments to perform the operation.

By two weeks post surgery, the patient should be able to raise the arm above shoulder height, achieving full range shortly afterwards, as the bruising from the operation resolves.  Patients resume driving 1-2 weeks after the intervention.  Physiotherapy is commenced.

By six weeks post-operative, a full range of movement and reasonable strength should have returned. Patients often state that the shoulder is okay but is not yet 100% normal.  Over the following three months, the shoulder regains strength such that 95% of patients will consider the results of the operation to be good or excellent.


Initial consultation From: £150
Treatment £4,625
Pre-assessment Included
Main treatment Included
Post-discharge care Included
Guide price £4,925

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