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Centre for Advanced Diagnostics

St Joseph’s Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence is supported by the hospital's Advanced Diagnostics Centre.

Our recent investments in state of the art modern technology have equipped the hospital with every imaging modality needed for the accurate diagnosis of orthopaedic problems and the ability to undertake the most advanced guided interventional treatments.

The combination of the 640 slice design (other private hospitals have 64 slice machines generally) coupled with the very high rotational speed, enables vastly higher quality images to be obtained, at a fraction of the radiation exposure necessary on older machines.

Our Toshiba Aquilion ONE 640 slice CT is the only CT scanner in the world which can image a moving joint, which is invaluable in the identification of impingement which remains unseen in a static x-ray.

And in terms of patient comfort the Aquilion is short, wide bore, and quiet.

It's 1.5T magnet and Helios Gradient deliver the highest quality images which provide a high level of diagnostic confidence.

Many patients are apprehensive about undergoing MRI examinations.  The Vantage Titan™ has resolved this issue by incorporating an open-bore design, minimizing feelings of claustrophobia, while still achieving unparalleled results.  The system also provides an environment in which large patients can be examined in comfort. 

It's 28-inch bore coupled with its short design allows a patient to have 12 inches of free space above their head, and 60% of examinations are conducted with the head outside the scanner.

Noise generated during an MRI is one of the main causes of patient discomfort.  Toshiba has tackled this problem with its proprietary technology, Pianissimo™. With Pianissimo™, the gradient field coil is sealed in a vacuum, significantly reducing noise by removing air as a source of transmission.  A resonance suppression mechanism minimizes vibration of the gantry.  A noise-reduction sequence further enhances the quieter experience.

Conventional MRIs operate at 110 db, well above the 85 - 90 db at which hearing is damaged but the Vantage Titan runs at 65 db – 75db, which gives a major improvement in patient comfort.

The Toshiba Radrex-I X-Ray system has revolutionised the taking of x-ray images.

Radiation dosages are minimised by the Radrex through the use of modern technology, which also maximises patient comfort and safety.

St Joseph’s uses Toshiba Aplio 500 Ultrasound through many different departments, not least for orthopaedic imaging.

The Aplio system delivers unsurpassed image quality to exceptional depth and detail. Aplio 500 defines a new era in ultrasound performance.

The Ultimax-I is a multi-purpose fluoroscopy system designed around the needs of the patient, providing superb image quality at low dosage rates.

The Ultimax has an extensive programmable range of pulse widths and rates to ensure that the lowest dose possible is used for each individual examination.

The Ultimax is the 'gold standard' x-ray machine for orthopaedic interventional procedures enabling injections to be placed with high degrees of accuracy.

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