Wrist fractures

What is a wrist fracture?

A wrist fracture is a break in one or both of your bones in your forearm near your wrist joint. A wrist fracture is commonly referred to as a 'distal radius fracture'.

Many wrist fractures happen to older people when they fall with their hand outstretched. Wrist fractures can also happen to younger people. Sometimes the fracture is merely a small crack in the bone however the fracture can be more severe with the bone broken in many places. There can also be damage to the surface of your wrist bone.

The aim of surgery is to hold the pieces of bone in a good position while the fracture heals. This should help your wrist to work better.

There are several different ways of fixing a broken wrist:

  • Wires inserted through your skin
  • One or more plates fixed to the bone with screws
  • an exteral fixator using a frame and pins.

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