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X-rays are good for showing very hard and dense tissue, and they are therefore very useful for diagnosing bone-related problems.

For example, x-rays can be used to help identify fractures and assess bony joints, wear and tear, thinning and weakening of the bones, bone infection, abnormal curvatures of the spine and bone tumors.

Here at St Joseph's Hospital, we use the GE Definium 646 HD X-Ray powered by Helix 2.0. The unit optimizes your X-ray experience providing versatility speed, and precision.

To book an appointment or speak to a member of the Advanced Diagostics team, please call 01633 820301 or click here. For more information on x-ray and our guide prices, please see below. 

Single view x-rays start from £102. Please contact our Advanced Diagnostics department for more information. 

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