Computed tomography (CT)

CT scans are an x-ray based diagnostic test.  CT scans allow the referring doctor and radiologist to review the body as you might look at a loaf of bread, in thin slices.  The patient's scan can be reviewed in different orientations, looking at slices from the front or side of the body making it extremely accurate. 

Any area of the human body can be assessed by a CT scan including brain, heart, neck, spine, chest, abdomen, pelvis and sinuses.  CT scans can easily visualise bones, arteries and veins, fully access the bowels and organs of the body.  This is a very versatile scanning technique with very few risks.

Toshiba Aquilion ONE 640 Slice CT Scanner

The Aquilion ONE CT scanner from Toshiba is the most advanced CT scanner in the world.

CT scanners are judged by the number of 'slices' of the body they can image with each rotation of the x-ray tube.  Most NHS scanners are 32 or 64 slice machines whereas our Aquilion ONE has 640 slices.

  • It is the fastest CT scanner in the world with a rotation speed of 0.275 seconds.
  • Its complex dose reduction software and high speed results in the lowest radiation dosage of any CT scanner.
  • It has the highest spatial resolution of all scanners at 0.3mm.
  • With a 16cm image capture it is the only scanner capable of imaging the entire heart or brain in one rotation.
  • It is the only scanner capable of performing dynamic imaging of moving joints.
  • With a 31 inch diameter bore it can accommodate larger patients in comfort.  Scans can be performed on bariatric patients up to 300kg, essential for diagnosing disease in these patients.


CT Scan single area


CT Two parts body


CT Three parts body


CT Four parts body


CT Five parts body


Cardiac CT Calcium Scoring


Cardiac CT Angiogram


CT Thoracic Aorta


Virtual CT Colonoscopy


CT Urogram


CT Kub


CT Entergram


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