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BBC Radio Interview with Mr Andrew Feyi-Waboso

Date Posted: 12th October 2023

Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Andrew Feyi-Waboso recently spoke with BBC Radio about declining eyesight as we age. It is proven that eyesight will begin to decline from around the age of 40. The human lens becomes stiff over time and loses the ability to auto-focus for our near vision. Our eyesight is not the same as when we are a young child and therefore this unpreventable change is part of the natural aging process.

Mr Feyi-Waboso discusses the myths and misconceptions that often come with declining eyesight, as well as the impact of eye exercises. 

Listen to Mr Feyi-Waboso and presenter Claudia Hammond as they discuss the insightful topic on BBC radio. The interview can be found from 18 minutes onwards. Click here to listen. 

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