Health assessments are the key

Date Posted: 1st January 2018

Take control of your health and wellbeing in 2018 – Dr Vijay Anand, Private GP

With the arrival of the new year many of us are setting health and lifestyle goals to keep motivated throughout 2018. A great starting point is a health assessment, your body’s MOT.

Prevention is always better than a cure and while not all health issues can be completely avoided, early detection could be a life saver.

The UK government recently launched a “call to action” which identified that health screening is needed to tackle the incidence of premature death in the UK. The study identified “five big killers” – heart disease, stroke, cancer, lung- and liver-disease which together account for 150,000 deaths a year among 40 to 75 year olds in the UK.

A high proportion of those deaths are premature and some may be avoidable by early detection and treatment.

This is why at St Joseph’s Hospital we believe regular health assessments should be part of everyone’s health routine – not only to put your mind at ease, but also to help improve your health and wellbeing.

We offer a complete range of health assessments with three levels of annual

LifeCheck Health Assessments through to our definitive Elite Health Assessments.

“We all service our cars regularly, but how often do we do the same for our bodies?

During my Platinum Elite Health Assessment, the healthcare professionals at St Joseph’s explained each procedure step-by-step, so I felt comfortable at all times. I’m convinced preventative screening is the best way to safeguard our health.” – Gareth Davies, chairman of WRU, former Wales International and British & Irish Lion.

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