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Dr Will Loughborough

Dr Will Loughborough

Consultant Radiologist (body and oncological imaging)

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Professional bio

Dr Will Loughborough is a Consultant Radiologist with specialist expertise in abdominopelvic and oncological imaging.

Following a body imaging fellowship at the Royal Marsden Hospital and several years practicing as a Consultant Radiologist, Will has extensive experience reporting all types of abdominopelvic scans in assessing benign and malignant diseases. He regularly leads the local gastrointestinal, gynaecological and urological cancer meetings. He has a special interest in whole body imaging of patients, including CT, MRI and PET-CT. As the trust lead for oncological imaging, he has established a Whole Body MRI service to more accurately assess bone metastases and optimise care of cancer patients. 

Will recently drove the creation of new national British Society of Gynaecological Cancer guidelines to optimise radiologically guided biopsy technique in ovarian cancer. He is the lead radiologist on the National Institute of Cancer Research panels for bone metastases (engineering support) and Gynaecology (personalised medicine). He has published multiple papers on body imaging and is regularly invited to give talks at national and international meetings.

Will is passionate about ensuring patients with cancer or abdominopelvic disease receive a high quality imaging service to optimise their care. He supports the radiology department at St. Joseph’s hospital in helping to deliver a rapid, accurate and bespoke service to all their patients and has just established a new whole body MRI imaging service at the hospital. This novel study will enable oncologists and cancer patients to have a more accurate understanding of how their cancer is responding to oncology treatment.

Special Clinical Interests

  • Whole Body MRI
  • MRI liver, rectum and peritoneum
  • MRI gynaecology/pelvis
  • MRI prostate
  • CT chest/abdomen/pelvis
  • Transvaginal ultrasound

Research Interests

Specialist research interest in the radiological assessment of how cancer is responding to oncological treatment. Particular focus on how to optimise radiological response assessment of bone metastases.

Lead Radiologist on NCRI panels for bone metastases (engineering support) and Gynaecology (personalised medicine).

Oncology trials imaging lead at RUH, Bath. Lead radiologist for multiple local trials.

Established an initiative for radiology trainees in the Severn Deanery (65 trainees) to ensure there is dedicated time and support for all regional trainees undertaking research projects.

Panel member on the Internal Cancer Imaging Society social media committee.


BSc(Hons), MBChB(Hons), FRCR

Personal Profile

Will lives with his wife and young triplets in Bristol. In his spare time, Will enjoys swimming, running and cycling, regularly competing in triathlons. 

Current NHS/Research Position

Consultant Radiologist, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Published Works/Papers

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