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Dr Nimit Goyal

Dr Nimit Goyal

Consultant Radiologist

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Professional bio

Dr Nimit Goyal is a Consultant Intervention and Diagnostic Radiologist with a special interest in Vascular and Non Vascular Intervention Radiology.

Nimit completed his radiology training in South Wales Radiology Training Scheme during which he undertook training in all aspects of radiology and developed a special interest in Intervention Radiology. He gained further specialist experience in intervention radiology by doing a fellowship at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Nimit has been providing a range of services to patients in NHS and private healthcare in South Wales since 2012. He provides a regional lung tumour ablation service to whole of South Wales. He now brings these services to the St Joseph’s Hospital in Newport. This will allow patients treated at the Advanced Diagnostics Centre in St Joseph’s access to specialist services such as Imaging guided biopsy, Vacular access (PICC lines, Hickman Lines, Portacaths) insertion, Nasogastric tube, RIG (radiologically inserted gastrostomy) placement, Uterine fibroid embolization, Varicocele embolization and arterial angioplasty and stenting.

In addition, Dr Goyal also provides a comprehensive diagnostic radiology service including interpretation and reporting of X Rays, CT scans and MRI scans. Dr Goyal also provides specialist reporting service for CT scan of the heart.

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Special Clinical Interests

Vascular Access (PICC line, Hickman line, Portacath insertion)
Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy
Nasogastric tube placement
Ultrasound and CT guided biopsy
Microwave and Radiofrequency ablation of tumours
Fibroid Embolisation
Varicocele Embolization
CT Coronary arteries

Research Interests

Microwave ablation of tumours
Pain control during interventional radiology procedures
Cardiac CT and reducing patient anxiety
Long term vascular access


Year of first medical qualification: 2001

Professional Memberships

General Medical Council
BSIR (British Society of Interventional Radiology)
CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Intervention Radiology Society of Europe)

Personal Profile

Nimit is happily married with one son and enjoys living in South Wales. In his spare time, he loves running and cycling.

Current NHS/Research Position

Consultant intervention and Diagnostic Radiologist, Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport. NP20 2UB

Published Works/Papers

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