Correction of ectropion

What is an ectropion?

An ectropion is where part of the lower eyelid, or the entire lower eyelid, turns outwards away from the eye.  There are various causes, however ageing of the eyelid is the most common.

Ectropion often affects both eyes, however may occur in one eye only.  Symptoms include the inner lining of the eyelid becoming dry and sore, watery eye and damage to the cornea.

What does treatment involve?

Surgery is usually required to tighten the skin and muscles around the eyelid.  The best results are obtained if the condition has not become too severe.  Further surgery may be required in severe cases.

What are the risks involved?

Surgery to correct ectropion is generally a very safe operation.  Nonetheless, all surgery and anaesthetic have some risk associated.  Risks to all surgeries include infection, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anaesthetic or blood clotting.

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