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CMA Compliance

Relationship with our Consultants

The Consultants who treat patients at St Joseph’s Hospital do so having been granted Practicing Privileges and they practice their specialities in accordance with the hospital’s terms.

None of the consultants are employed by St Joseph’s Hospital since they are self-employed practitioners.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently issued an Order regulating the relationships between private hospitals and consultants who treat private patients or refer them for tests at the hospitals facilities (so-called “Referring Clinicians”). In accordance with this Order, hospitals and Referring Clinicians are prohibited from entering into any incentive schemes that are designed to encourage consultants to refer private patients to, or treat private patients at, the hospitals.

St Joseph’s Hospital does not operate any such schemes with Referring Clinicians.
In addition, the CMA requires hospital operators to disclose certain information about arrangements they have with Referring Clinicians. These arrangements include: ownership interests in the operator; the provision of certain “high value” facilities to Referring Clinicians; the availability of “low value” basic amenities for Referring Clinicians; and any remuneration for services provided by Referring Clinicians to the hospital. This information applies specifically to consultants who are not hospital employees and who have the ability to refer privately insured or self-paying patients for treatment or tests at the hospital.

Set out below is information about the arrangements we have with our Referring Clinicians.

Ownership interests

St Joseph’s Hospital is owned in partnership with a number of its Referring Clinicians.

Referring Clinicians generally hold B & C Shares which rank equally with all other shares.

Attached below, are the names of Referring Clinicians and their respective ownership interests in St Joseph’s Hospital Ltd:

Title First name Surname % ownership Value of shares
Mr Phillip Alderman 0.85 £ 27,625.00
Dr Nimal Balaratnam 2.53 £ 82,225.00 
Mr Chris Bates 0.42 £ 13,650.00 
Dr Sanapala Bhanumurthy 0.21 £ 6,825.00
Dr Nigel Brown 0.21 £ 6,825.00
Dr Philip Campbell 0.64 £ 20,800.00
Mr James Cordell-Smith 0.79 £ 25,675.00
Mr Aled Evans 1.42 £ 46,150.00
Dr Patrick Flood-Page 0.85 £ 27,625.00
Dr Victor Francis 0.62 £ 20,150.00 
Mr Gordon Gillespie 0.64 £ 20,800.00
Dr Vivek Goel 0.21 £ 6,825.00 
Mrs Leena Gokhale 0.21 £ 6,825.00
Mrs Rohini Gonsalves 0.21 £ 6,825.00
Dr Richard Goodwin 0.85 £ 27,625.00
Dr Ishan Gunatunga 0.29 £ 9,425.00
Dr Husni Habboush 0.32 £ 10,400.00
Dr Lloyd Harding 0.68 £ 22,100.00
Mr Kartik Hariharan 4.57 £ 148,525.00 
Mr David Johnson 0.64 £ 20,800.00
Mr Greg Jones 1.40 £ 45,500.00 
Mr Sujit Kadambande 2.25 £ 73,125.00
Mr Ash Khurana 1.33 £ 43,225.00
Mr Rohit Kulkarni 22.71 £ 738,075.00
Mr Mark Lewis 1.27 £ 41,275.00
Mr John Lloyd 0.35 £ 11,375.00
Mr Abraham Manoj-Thomas 0.72 £ 23,400.00
Mr Hemang Mehta 1.03 £ 33,475.00
Mr Yogesh Nathdwarawala 1.42 £ 46,150.00
Mr Huw Pullen 0.79 £ 25,675.00
Mr Syed Raza 0.94 £ 30,550.00
Mr David Roberts 0.64 £ 20,800.00
Mr Paul Roberts 1.80 £ 58,500.00
Mr Andrew Rogers 2.18 £ 70,850.00
Dr Sukhdev Singh 0.37 £ 12,025.00
Mr Brian Stephenson 1.61 £ 52,325.00
Mr Alun Thomas 2.91 £ 94,575.00 

Other remuneration

St Joseph’s does not reimburse in general for services that they provide to the hospital, such as membership of Advisory Boards in the areas of Infection Control and Governance. 

Mr Rohit Kulkarni is a member of the Board of St Joseph’s Hospital Ltd for which he is entitled to draw a fee of £40,000 per annum.


Below is a list of the facilities we make available to Referring Clinicians and the rates we charge for their use. 

The following facilities are provided to Referring Clinicians at the rates set out below:

  • Referring Clinicians are able to book Consulting Rooms at a cost of £23 per hour
  • Referring Clinicians are supported by nursing staff when they use Consulting Rooms without charge
  • St Joseph’s Hospital does not supply secretarial services to Referring Clinicians, but the rate per hour charged for the use of Consulting Rooms includes an element to meet the cost of accommodating secretaries paid for by the Referring Clinicians

Basic amenities

St Joseph’s Hospital provides Referring Clinicians with the following basic amenities:

  • In-house training programmes from time to time to promote clinical and operational safety
  • Patient admission, billing, and related administrative services
  • Free refreshments, stationery, and parking
  • General marketing and promotional activities

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