More than 10 million people in the UK get headaches, making them one of the most common health complaints (NHS Choices, 2015).

Headaches can have many different causes but one common type is ‘cervicogenic’ headaches, which means they are caused by dysfunction in the upper cervical spine of the neck.  There is increasing evidence for the role of physiotherapy and acupuncture in the identification and management of cervicogenic headaches (NICE Guidelines, 2012).

At the Centre for Clinical Physiotherapy treatment is based on a very thorough assessment of the upper cervical spine, but also considers movement throughout the whole spine.  It is common to find stiffness in the mid-spine causing symptoms in the neck and headaches.

Stress is a common cause, but there are lots of others, including drinking too much alcohol, not getting enough sleep, depression, skipping meals and becoming dehydrated by not drinking enough water.  Work-related poor posture, such as sitting at a desk or being in a car for long periods is also a common cause.

Headaches can also develop after trauma, such as whiplash or a specific neck strain or, can be of a gradual onset.  This is especially true later on in life, due to general degeneration and the repeated stress of poor or static work postures, sustained neck positions and poor movement patterns which will have accumulated over time

At the Centre for Clinical Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of services, knowledge and expertise to effectively treat and manage headaches.  Our treatment plans are designed to restore the normal movement patterns of the spine and reduce your headache frequency and severity.  Treatments are delivered by highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about delivering a quality service and the best possible results for you.

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