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Pilates: Is it suitable for me?

4th January 2024

Over recent years there has been a rise in the uptake of mind-body exercises such as Pilates. Taking part in such activities can enhance not only your physical health but your mental health and self-awareness too.  St Joseph’s Hospital has a team of APPI Pilates trained, qualified Physiotherapists, who teach Pilates classes alongside their specialist clinics

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BBC Radio Interview with Mr Andrew Feyi-Waboso

12th October 2023

Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Andrew Feyi-Waboso recently spoke with BBC Radio about declining eyesight as we age. It is proven that eyesight will begin to decline from around the age of 40. The human lens becomes stiff over time and loses the ability to auto-focus for our near vision. Our eyesight is not the same as when we are a young child and therefore this unpreventable change is part of the natural aging process

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St Joseph’s Hospital hosts their 7th Cardiac MRI course for Radiographers

10th October 2023

St Joseph’s Hospital are pleased to share that they have recently hosted their 7th Cardiac MRI course for Radiographers. The course first began in 2021 and has been a running success since, with attendees travelling from Wales, England, Scotland, and the Republic of Ireland.  The two-day course compacts a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver an insightful and practical training course for radiographers

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Transformative ankle surgery gives gentleman new lease of life

9th August 2023

Mr Ogwyn Alexander has captured the hearts of St Joseph’s Hospital with his life changing journey. Mr Alexander underwent ankle replacement surgery with Mr Kartik Hariharan, Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon. Prior to his surgery, Mr Alexander was experiencing persistent pain when walking and resting his foot. Unfortunately, this prevented him from performing simple, everyday tasks such as walking up the stairs and undertaking the activities he loves such as walking in the countryside and going to watch the rugby

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Advances in injectable treatments for knee arthritis

5th April 2023

Over 8 million people in the UK are currently suffering from some form of osteoarthritis. The knee is one of the most common sites to develop arthritis and results in pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility. Due to modern lifestyles, 1 in 4 of us will require some form of treatment for knee osteoarthritis in our lifetime.   Osteoarthritis is, however, not an inevitable consequence of aging but a disease that can be treated like any other

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Recurring lower back pain and the management of symptoms

30th March 2023

Lower back pain is a common symptom that many will experience in their lifetime. It is estimated that four out of five adults will develop the problem at some stage with most cases of back pain thought to come and go, disappearing on their own. But where do the symptoms come from and how can we prevent the pain from recurring?  We spoke with Mr Ash Khurana, Consultant Spinal Surgeon at St Joseph’s hospital about the management of recurring back pain

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