General Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine is a broad branch of Medicine dealing with disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adults.  

A Specialist Consultant General Physician is a doctor specialising in general internal medicine treating general aspects of wellbeing and variety of medical presentation not fitting into a single organ speciality.

They receive extensive training in treating multisystemic acute and chronic medical conditions leading to accreditation as a Specialist Consultant Physician. It includes acute management of infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological, renal, endocrine, respiratory, gastrointestinal, haematological conditions.  They usually have an area of interest in subspecialty. 

The physician has specialist knowledge, training and specialist skills in considering a wide range of differential (possible) diagnosis and organising a broad range of diagnostic tests and co-ordinate the which is helpful towards a conclusive diagnosis. If required they coordinate and collaborate with organ specialists/ surgeons and general practitioners towards formulating a patient-centred management plan.

Conditions and Treatments

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