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Scar revision

What is a scar revision?

Scar revision can dramatically improve the appearance of scars resulting from trauma or surgery.

What does treatment involve?

We offer three types of treatment which your surgeon will discuss with you before recommending a treatment plan.  Choosing the most suitable treatment will depend on the location, size and characteristics of the scar as well as the reasons for seeking treatment.  For example, the important question would be is the appearance of the scar concerning you or is the scar causing a physical problem?

Scar revision treatment options include:

This is generally used to treat keloid scars - highly visible, exaggerated scars that are particularly common in darker skin. Treatment involves injecting a steroid called triamcinolone. Four to six sessions are usually recommended by which time scarring should become flat and the colour consistent with the surrounding skin.

Laser is a particularly effective treatment for patients suffering with acne scarring and pitted scars. Heat is used to remove the external layer of the skin which in turn stimulates healthy new skin.

Surgical excision repositions or reduces the size of the scar. This may involve:

  • surgically cutting out the scar and stitching to leave a neater scar
  • surgically cutting out the scar, repositioning and stitching it in such a way that the scar runs along a less visible line 
  • surgically cutting out the scar and replacing it with a partial, or full thickness, skin graft

How soon will I recover? 

Mild discomfort may be experienced following surgical scar revision. We recommend that you rest comfortably for a day or two.

What are the risks involved? 

Scar revision surgery is a commonly performed and very safe procedure. Nonetheless, all surgery and anaesthetic have some risk associated. Risks to all surgeries include infection, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anaesthetic or blood clotting.

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