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Pilates is more than an exercise regime, it teaches a new way of using your body, increasing postural awareness and the way in which you perform your daily activities.

It is beneficial for anyone who wishes to improve core strength and stability, prevent injury, relieve stress and back pain, improve posture, balance and coordination, enhance athletic performance, increase body awareness and rehab from an injury.  Pilates is also promoted by physiotherapists, osteopaths, and GPs.

Pilates is a method that helps to improve our strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.  The focus is on a stable core with neutral alignment and relaxed breathing whilst promoting controlled functional movements and relieving tension.  It is safe for all ages since its slow, controlled movements help improve muscle balance and coordination without risk of injury.


Strong, deep postural muscles are important for us to be able to achieve good posture and sufficient power, strength and balance for the whole body. Pilates teaches you to co-ordinate the muscles of the arms and the legs with the body's central core. The mind is trained to become more aware of body position while your deep postural and stability muscles are working. This teaches you how correct movement feels and with practice you will adopt this as normal movement and gain better coordinated movement.

A common source of pain and symptoms comes from muscle imbalances.  These imbalances are caused by overusing certain muscles whilst others are neglected and become weak.  Muscle imbalance is a recognised source of pain and often leads to a reduced performance in sporting or everyday activity.

We offer pilates that is suitable for any level, be it beginner or advanced. As well as our classes we regularly provide one-on-one sessions that are designed to cater for individual needs.

We host classes in-person on a Monday and Tuesday 6pm - 7pm. Classes are £11 a session or £55 for 6 sessions. For more information on our pilates classes, please contact us today.

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