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St Joseph’s offers a specialist orthotic service to help assess and treat musculoskeletal, neurological and biomechanical problems affecting the foot.

Treatment offered differs according to the problem as it presents itself in the body. This may involve adaptations to existing footwear and providing footbeds to offset a biomechanical problem. In some cases a device may be used to help specific muscle groups function more effectively after injury.

Our holistic approach to biomechanical problems ensures rapid return to activities of daily living and sport. As well as helping with a number of common conditions, our specialist orthotic service is also able to provide an opinion on any biomechanical problem you may be experiencing.

For efficient movement to occur, the lower limb relies on adequate flexibility, strength, muscular balance and alignment of the hips, knees, ankles, feet and spine. For any given movement, individuals find different methods to reach their balance point in order to perform tasks efficiently.

While it is normal for certain side to side differences to develop, if individuals begin to move repetitively with inefficient movement patterns away from a normal balance point they may start to develop pain or other symptoms which need to be addressed.  

An orthotic is defined as a medical device applied to an external part of the body. These devices can be used to re-balance an individual’s biomechanics to enable more efficient movements to occur and to offload painful joints or soft tissue. 


Orthotics: Initial consultation (60 mins)


Orthotics: Follow-up consultation (30 mins)


*The above prices are guide prices only and subject to change at any given time. Diagnostic scans and investigations are not part of the guide price. The guide price indicates the starting price for the treatment.

The cost of treatment will be made clear to you before you proceed with any tests, scans, consultations, or treatment. Please read our terms and conditions. If you have private medical insurance please follow the guidance here.

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