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Taking control of your health and fitness.

We believe passionately that prevention is even better than a cure, and given the advanced diagnostic capability of the hospital we also know that early detection of health problems can dramatically change health outcomes.

At St Joseph’s we understand that your health is the most important thing to you and your family.  So why take a chance with your future?

Health screening is strongly recommended by the UK government and many other governments around the world as a vital method of reducing the incidence and effects of chronic diseases, which cause the premature death of over 150,000 per year in the UK alone.

The UK government recently launched a 'call to action' which identified that health screening is needed to tackle the incidence of premature death in the UK population.

However, because of affordability constraints the NHS is only able to provide a very rudimentary health screening service, which will determine whether you are at statistical risk of some of these diseases, but not whether you actually have a disease.

At St Joseph’s we fully understand that looking after your health should be a lifelong journey, and we therefore offer the most comprehensive range of health assessment services available outside of London.

Our health assessment services are backed by the very high diagnostic capability, and the professional staff of the hospital.  All of the assessments results are analysed by specialist clinicians, and of course if you need specific treatment for a condition identified, referral to one of our consultants can take place without delay.

Your health is vitally important to you - why take risks with it?

Many people do not understand the risk presented by the onset of disease.  We all know people - friends and colleagues - who have been unfortunate, but human nature steers us to a 'it won't happen to me' response. Unfortunately, the onset of disease doesn't follow the same rules!  We all recognise that you would not run your car for ever without having a service check and your body should be treated in a similar manner.

At St Joseph’s Hospital we work to the principle that detecting issues early allows you to be 'fixed' before you are 'broken'.  We do that by seeing, rather than guessing and hoping.

We offer a complete range of health assessment options ranging from LifeCheck through to the very comprehensive Elite plans.

Elite Health Assessments deploy an array of the most advanced scanning techniques to conduct your health screening, and an extensive range of blood tests, but our key differentiator lies in our highly advanced diagnostic equipment.  We simply see inside your body to a level unmatched by any other health screening service outside of London.  That enables us to identify any problems at the earliest stage possible when the probability of successful treatment is at its highest.  Often the solution to early identification is merely lifestyle change, but in the event that you do need specialist treatment you have the comfort of knowing that we can arrange immediate appointments with one of our panel of specialist consultants.

With our Elite assessments you don't need to take risks with your health.

We offer the following health assessment services:

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