Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that makes your face redden and may cause swelling and skin sores that look like acne.  It typically occurs among those with fair skin, between the ages of 30 and 50 with women more likely to be affected.

Rosacea is caused by swelling of the blood vessels that are situated right beneath the skin. This leads to the associated symptoms of redness of the face, blushing or flushing easily, an increase number of spider-like blood vessels (telangiectasia) of the face, red nose (also called a 'bulbous' nose), skin sores that may ooze or crust in more extreme cases, a burning or stinging feeling in the face and irritated, bloodshot and watery eyes.

Although rosacea is a harmless condition it can affect the self-esteem and confidence of sufferers, impacting on their social and professional lives.

We offer a range of treatments, often prescribed in conjunction with each:

  • oral and topical antibiotics, taken to control symptoms 
  • alternative medications similar to Vitamin A

What results can I expect?

You can expect the symptoms of rosacea to be effectively alleviated by the treatment recommended by your dermatologist at the Skin Clinic. We use the best products, latest technologies and proven methods to achieve optimal results for our patients.

You will also receive advice on how to manage symptoms on an ongoing basis and avoid future outbreaks.  We will work with you to identify the key triggers which provoke your symptoms. Triggers may include drastic changes in temperature, eating spicy foods and stress.


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