Neck pain

Neck pain is a very common condition that we have extensive experience in assessing, treating and resolving.

If you are suffering from neck pain, the right advice and treatment can improve your return to function, sport and work.

There are a variety of reasons to develop neck pain, from something as simple as sleeping in an awkward position or turning the head quickly, to more serious situations involving falls or road traffic accidents causing whiplash of the neck.  This can result in strains to the ligaments and muscles of the neck.  Neck pain can also result from poor posture and sustained positions when driving or using a computer for long periods.  The most important advice in the early period of neck pain is to maintain movement of the neck and use painkillers to manage the discomfort.

Physiotherapists are highly skilled at supporting you with neck pain, incorporating a variety of techniques to manage the pain and restore normal movements.  There is good research evidence supporting the role of physiotherapy in the management of neck pain.  Following a comprehensive assessment we will work with you to develop an individually tailored treatment programme.

We use a range of treatment techniques to treat or help you to reduce and manage your neck pain, including acupuncture, massage, mobilisation of the small joints and advice regarding ergonomics and posture.

At the Centre for Clinical Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of services, knowledge and expertise to effectively treat and manage neck pain.  Treatments are delivered by highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about delivering a quality service and the best possible results for you.

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