Our Private GP prices

At St Joseph's Hospital we believe that our patients should be able to make a fully informed choice before they decide to select us as their private healthcare provider. Our self-pay prices are as follows:

* Membership based on a 12 month contract. T&Cs apply. Prescription costs will be determined by individual pharmacy.


Consultation with GP (20 mins) £85
Extended consultation with GP (40 mins) £140
Consultation with nurse (20 mins) £50
Follow-up consultation with GP (10 mins) £50
HGV (D4) Driver Medical £110
Ear irrigation £60
Venepuncture £25

Family planning (price inclusive of consultation)

Mirena (IUS) insertion £245
Copper coil (IUD) insertion £160
Coil removal £140
Depo-provera injection £60
Implant insertion £245
Implant removal £140

Minor surgery

Excision and suturing of skin lesion £190
Shave excision £190
Joint injection £115


Chicken Pox £90 per dose
Cholera £30
Diptheria/Tetanus/Polio £35
Diptheria/Tetanus/Whopping Cough and Polio £44
Gardasil (HPV vaccine, offered to male and female) £150
Gardasil 9 (HPV vaccine, offered to male and female) £165
Hepatitis A (Adult and Paed) £55
Hepatitis B (Adult and Paed) £40 per dose
Hepatitis A/B Combined £75
Hepatitis A/Typhoid Combined £75
Influenza £15
Japenese Encephalitis £125 per dose
Measles Mumps and Rubella £95
Meningitis ACW135Y £60
Meningitis B £132 per dose
Pneumococcal £40
Rabies £75 per dose
Shingles (offered outside of the recall age limit) £199
TIC Bourne Encephalitis £75 per dose
Typhoid £40
Yellow Fever £75
(Oral) Anti Malaria Prophylaxis  POA - depends on choice

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St Joseph’s Hospital may contact you with information about the services we provide. You can either amend or withdraw your consent at any time.
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