Secure and Encrypted Email Communication

St Joseph's Hospital and Egress Protect

St Joseph’s uses Egress Protect to securely share confidential information by email and send and receive encrypted large files.

We have chosen to use Egress when sending confidential information via email and file transfer to comply with data protection regulations and to ensure that when this information needs to be shared with third parties, it is done so securely.

To ensure patient confidentiality, sensitive information will be transferred by electronic means utilising a secure email provider through Egress Protect.

How to open a secure email or large attachment

To open and reply to a secure email or open a large attachment from us you do not need an Egress account.

All you need from us is a one-time secure link - this will allow you to open all protected emails or secure attachements from St Joseph's Hospital.

We will send you the one-time secure link in an email.

If you do have an Egress account, the link you will receive from us will prompt you to log into your acocunt to open and reply to the secure email or view (and download) a large file.

You do not need to download or install any software to read emails sent using Egress.

1. To open an email secured by Egress, click on the ‘read this secure email’ link within the notification email you receive.

2. You will be directed to the Egress page to view the protected content or sign in (if you already have a free Egress account).


You can view simple guides and short video tutorials on using Egress here.

Please let us know whether you do or do not have an Egress account. This will allow use to send you the information in the most secure way.