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Professional profile

Ro Kulkarni is a senior Shoulder and Elbow Consultant and lead surgeon at the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. He has extensive experience in the treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders. In the health board he has been a member of a number of committees including: Research committee, Thrombosis committee, Transfusion committee and Clinical governance committee.

He has designed, implemented and lead a number of health improvement projects that improved patient care, created efficiencies and won national acclaim and awards. These include Fracture Clinic changes, a new method of clinical governance, Implant rationalisation, Project excellence (Improving shoulder and elbow care) ultrasound project.

Nationally he served as an elected member of the British Elbow and Shoulder Society (BESS) for 15 years. Following successful roles as treasurer, secretary and Vice President he was the first Welsh President of BESS. He remains on the BESS council as a member of the presidential line and also as the tariff and coding lead. He is on the council for the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Europe (SECEC) and was the UK national delegate.

He has been working with the British Orthopaedic Association for over 10 years as their tariff and coding lead. This role and the work he has done led to him being awarded the 2019 Presidential gold medal for life time achievement and service to Trauma and orthopaedics.

He works closely with the Department of Health leading and advising policy, strategy, finance and quality in orthopaedics. He has been the Chair of the Expert Working Group for Orthopaedics for the last 8 years. In this role he leads the EWG advising the government and implementing policy changes. He has for the last 10 years led on the development and refining of the national tariff based payment system for all hospitals. He also leads the yearly development of tariff with a budget of over 4.5 billion pounds.

He is recognised for his expertise and has become the expert advisor for a number of national bodies. They include:

  • NICE – National Institute of Clinical Excellence,
  • CCS – National Clinical Classifications Service - Designated Centre for WHO FIC (Family of International Classifications Network),
  • NHSI – MHS Improvement,
  • Casemix NHSD – Case mix NHS Digital,
  • NHSE – NHS England,
  • Spec Comm – Specialist Commissioning,
  • EBI – Evidence based interventions,
  • GIRFT -Getting it Right First Time.

Mr Kulkarni has developed a new pricing model and this has been used by the NHS to price and inform tariff. He chairs this group with economists from the NHS called GAPI – Group Advising on Price Improvement.

He was the shoulder and elbow lead for the NICE commissioning guideline development group on behalf of the Royal college of Surgeons, BOA and Right Care. Following this he has led the development of national guidelines of best practice in Shoulder and Elbow surgery.

He has served on many national/International bodies including:

  • Medical advisory board of the National Joint Register (NJR),
  • Board of Specialist societies,
  • Medical Advisory Board of the Welsh Rugby Union - (WRU),
  • Data quality committee (NJR),
  • Programme committee Shoulder and elbow society of Europe (SECEC),
  • Website committee – SECEC,
  • Curriculum committee SECEC,
  •  Royal College of Surgeons - Welsh Board.

Mr Kulkani has led in the development and publishing of an international shoulder and elbow journey – Shoulder and Elbow. He has been the deputy Editor and reviews editor since its inception in 2009. He reviews papers for a number of other international journals.

He has an extensive profile in the sporting medical world. He has been on the faculty of the Level three course needed by all doctors and physiotherapists to work with professional sports teams - PHICIS  - Pre Hospital Immediate Care in Sport. He has been the team doctor for the Newport Gwent Dragons for over 10 years. He is currently the team doctor for the National Assembly of Wales rugby team, USK rugby and also to the Canadian Nation Rugby Team. He has been a pitchside surgeon and surgeon to the Welsh Rugby Union.

Mr Kulkarni was also a doctor for the 2015 Rugby world cup. He has been on the WRU medical advisory board and part of the group who developed concussion guidelines.

British Orthopaedic Association

British Elbow and Shoulder Society

British Rheumatologically Surgical society

Shoulder and Elbow Society of Europe

Mr Kulkarni is happily married to Shari and has been for 24 years. He has long forgiven her for being English.  They have two sons - Alex and Ben. He is a keen golfer and plays if he can get the time. Being a passionate animal lover, he has three cats and a golden retriever as pets. His main hobby is reading and writing. In particular he likes writing poetry.

He is an extremely passionate Welshman and is an ambassador for ICC Wales. He is also an ambassador for ICC Wales.

He has raised charitable funds to support many causes. He raised £85,000 to help a rugby player with career ending injuries when he unfortunately did not have any insurance cover. He has raised over 12K for Bowel Cancer UK. He has raised over 10K for development of a safe children’s play area at USK rugby club and supporting inured players. He is an Ambassador for Dreams and Wishes helping dreams and wishes come true for seriously ill children.

Consultant Orthopaedic (Shoulder and elbow) surgeon

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

He has various special clinical interests. These include:

  • Key Hole surgery,
  • Sporting injuries of the shoulder and elbow,
  • Rotator cuff problems,
  • Shoulder dislocation and SLAP lesions,
  • AC joint problems,
  • Shoulder and elbow joint arthritis and joint replacement.

Mr Kulkarni has a wide-ranging research portfolio:

  • During his fellowship at the University of Minnesota and Hennepin County Medical Centre, Minneapolis he performed materials testing research for a number of projects under the mentorship of Professor Ramon Gustilo and Richard Kyle,  
  • His research into impaction grafting for the proximal femur in revision hip surgery was presented at the Annual American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons meeting in San Francisco,
  • He was also involved in in Vivo research of implanting a new cartilage into sheep’s knees,
  • Latterly his main focus has been looking at improving patient care, early return to play after injury in sports men and women and new technologies,
  • He has been an investigator CSAW and UKUFF. These are two NIHR funded multicentre national trials,
  • He is currently involved in a further NIHR funded national trial assessing balloon arthroplasty,
  • Mr Kulkarni is the lead investigator study in progress which is a randomised controlled prospective trail comparing two methods of shoulder injection.

Mr Kulkarni collected independent outcomes on all surgical procedures he performs. This includes collecting adverse events, complications, readmissions, infections etc.

Physiotherapists who work with him independently collect PROMS (Oxford score). Mr Kulkarni uses these outcome measures to ensure best care for patients and also to monitor and check his own surgical practice.

Mr Kulkarni has published extensively. This includes research papers, National guidelines for the treatment of shoulder and elbow problems, teaching articles etc. Please find a small selection of recently published articles listed below. He has also presented over 100 papers nationally and internationally.

Investigation And Management Of Periprosthetic Infection In The Shoulder And Elbow – Evidence And Consensus Based Guidelines Of The British Shoulder And Elbow Society

A Rangan, R Kulkarni – et el

S & E Volume 10 (1S) – pgs 5-19

The Provision Of Primary And Revision Elbow Arthroplasty Surgery In The NHS

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Rehabilitation Exercises For Primary Care Patients With Shoulder Problems

C Connor, R Kulkarni et al

GIRFT/BESS doc 2018

BESS Patient Care Pathways and Commissioning Guidelines

Show all authors Rohit Kulkarni & Jonathan L Rees

S & E Volume: 7 issue: 2, page(s): 75-75

Rohit Kulkarni, (President)

See all articles by this author

BOA BESS Patient Care pathways – Subacromial shoulder pain

R Kulkarni, J Gibson et al

S&E  Volume: 7 issue: 2, page(s): 135-143

Jonathan L Rees, (Chair of Research Committee)

BOA BESS Patient Care pathways – Traumatic anterior shoulder instability

P Brownson, R Kulkarni et al

See all articles by this author

S & E Volume: 7 issue: 3, page(s): 214-226

BOA BESS Patient Care pathways – Frozen Shoulder

A Rangan, R Kulkarni et al

 See all articles by this author

S & E  Volume: 7 issue: 4, page(s): 299-307

BOA BESS Patient Care pathways – Glenohumeral arthritis

M Thomas, R Kulkarni et al

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S & E  Volume: 8 issue: 3, page(s): 203-214

Tendinopathies Around The Elbow  - Part 1

O Donaldson, R Kulkarni et al

S & E Vol 5(4) PP 239-250

 Tendinopathies Around The Elbow  - Part 2

O Donaldson, R Kulkarni et al

S & E Vol 6(41 PP 47-56

Suture Fixation Of Displaced 2,3 And 4 Part Proximal Humeral Fractures

D Parfitt, R Kulkarni et al

S & E vol 1 (1) pp35-39

Is There Sufficient Evidence To Support Intervention To Manage Shoulder Arthritis?

D Bull, R Kulkarni et al

S & E Vol 8 (2) pp 77-89

Managing Acromio Clavicular Pain – A Scoping Review

S Chaudry, R Kulkarni et al

Vol 10 (1) pp4-14

A Simple Guide To The Complex Process Of Developing A Yearly NHS Tariff

R Kulkarni

JOT Vol 06 isseus1 pp 60-64

Indications And Outcomes In Total Elbow Replacement – A Systematic Review

S, Hay, R Kulkarni et al

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