Dr Vijay Anand

Private GP

Professional profile

I offer a private GP service at St joseph's Hospital. I am a GP Partner and GP trainer at St David’s Clinic, Newport. I fervently believe in holistic medicine and try to deal with issues that are a priority for my patients.

I am patient centred and believe in empowering my patients and providing them with evidenced-based advice that is up to date and current. I believe in delivering healthcare with compassion more than ticking boxes. 

I am keen and always been fascinated by St Joseph’s facilities and access to my wonderful hospital colleagues as it provides another dimension to treating illness & disease, and it makes healthcare provision more readily accessible without the added stress of long waiting times. 

 I have worked in a diverse range of clinical roles, with nearly 9 years of clinical practice in primary health care, and also as Middle grade level in hospital. I have a particular interest in the prevention and management of chronic, non-communicable diseases through application of lifestyle interventions and functional medicine. I also have keen interest in managing liver and bowel problems. 

I have been working as a Private GP since October 2015 when this unit opened at St Joseph's Hospital. I am the lead GP and provide various health assessments and medicals which can be tailored for each patient.