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Your spine is made up of bones called vertebrae, which are cushioned by discs of tissue that act as shock absorbers. Your spinal cord runs through a channel in the spine and it is here that nerves branch off to the rest of the body.

When one or more nerves in your spine are put under pressure they can cause pain, and back surgery may be performed to relieve some of this pressure.


A craniotomy is a type of brain surgery where an opening is made in the skull to enable access to the brain. It’s a delicate procedure that needs to be carried out by a world-class expert. It can be used to treat various conditions, such as the removal of a brain tumour or a blood clot, or to relieve pressure inside the skull.

Having any type of surgery is always a time of worry, but if you have been told you need this procedure you will probably be feeling especially anxious. We’re here to help you.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery, microdiscectomy, degenerative lumbar / cervical spine, rheumatoid spine, nerve root injections, spinal tumours, hydrocephalus, cerebral tumours, peripheral nerve entrapment, carpal tunnel decompression, muscle biopsy, facet block


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