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Respiratory and chest complaints


The UrgentCare team will provide immediate examination, investigation and treatment for most respiratory or chest complaints.


At St Joseph’s we can perform blood tests, x-rays and specialist CT scans within the department and have immediate access to a network of senior private consultants who specialise in respiratory conditions or cardiology problems.  We can refer patients either on that day or within a few days depending on the urgency of the problem.


Hospital admission can be arranged without delay if required.


Respiratory complaints/chest complaints that we commonly treat:


  • pain on breathing/difficulty in breathing 
  • chest infection
  • cough
  • shortness of breath
  • non-cardiac chest pain


Assessment for chest and respiratory conditions involves:


  • thorough medical history and examination
  • electrocardiogram which traces the rhythm of the heart

Blood tests for chest and respiratory conditions include:


  • routine and complex/specific blood tests available

Diagnostic imaging for chest and respiratory conditions include:


  • chest x-ray
  • computerised tomography (CT)
  • treatment for chest and respiratory conditions include:
  • pain relief
  • specialist anticoagulation medication
  • administration of oxygen, inhalers and/or nebulisers as required
  • antibiotics

We can arrange specialist referral for short or long term follow-up and admission to hospital for continued treatment if necessary.


Please note in some emergency circumstances specialist cardiology treatment may not be available privately.

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