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Fractures, sprains and strains


Our on-demand Minor Injuries Centre requires no prior appointment.  It delivers rapid musculoskeletal expertise and attention.  Our centre is designed to meet the needs of patients who value the high quality services of an established private hospital and who are seeking prompt treatment.

The Minor Injuries Centre is able to treat an array of orthopaedic and traumatic injuries.  We have a dedicated team of highly skilled doctors and senior nurses that are expert in assessing, diagnosing and managing sprains, fractures and sports injuries.  


We pride ourselves in providing a network of well established, senior private specialist consultants that are available for referral for more complex musculoskeletal injuries.

The diagnosis of a sprain injury is made by a physical examination.  In most cases an x-ray of the affected joint is obtained to ensure that there are no fractures.  If there is a tear in the ligament or soft tissue suspected, then an MRI or arthroscopy is obtained.  MRI is usually ordered after swelling has subsided and can readily identify the presence of a ligament injury.




  • medical history
  • thorough clinical examination


Blood tests


  • we have direct access to routine and complex blood tests


Diagnostic imaging modalities


  • plain radiographs
  • ultrasound scanning
  • computerised tomography (CT) scanning
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanning


Treatment modalities


  • pain relief
  • relocation of joints
  • orthopaedic braces (neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle)
  • compression therapy
  • joint immobilization modalities (plaster of Paris, plaster bandages and splinting casts, paddings, splints and aircast boot)


We can also arrange hospital admission, short and long term follow-up through our dedicated orthopaedic trauma and sports medicine consultants.

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