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Skin lumps


Many people suffer from lumps or bumps on the surface of their skin or inside the skin layers.  These skin abnormalities may be classified as skin tags, skin warts or skin moles and can be removed by one of our experts for both health and aesthetic reasons.


You should not ignore skin lumps in the hope that they go away on their own.  When it comes to your skin, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Our consultant dermatologists will be able to assess your condition and decide what, if any, treatment is required.


Below is a simple checklist to help you determine whether your skin lump may need medical attention:


  • Does it hurt or cause pain when touched?
  • Has it changed in shape, size or colour?
  • Is it a new lump or collection of skin lumps?


Because of their specific nature, skin lumps such as breast lumps and hernias need to be diagnosed by a specialist other than your dermatologist.  Because the Skin Clinic is based at one of the leading private hospitals in the region, you will have access to highly advanced diagnostic capability, and rapid referral to leading specialist consultants, should you need one.



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