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Mole removal


Moles are small clusters of colored skin cells which can form anywhere on the human body.  Most of the time, moles are harmless and do not cause any complications.


If a mole is suspicious it needs to be removed for examination under microscope (histology) to remove the risk of it developing further.


You should seek advice about a mole if you notice any of the following:


  • It has changed/is changing colour
  • It has changed/is changing shape and size
  • It is inflamed
  • It is itchy or painful
  • It is protruding and causing irritation 

During consultation at the Skin Clinic, your dermatologist will consider, and discuss with you, removal for the following reasons:


  • The mole is dangerous and needs to be removed for precise identification (histology) and treatment to remove risk
  • The mole is considered potentially dangerous and requires monitoring. Patients typically prefer to have it removed rather than to worry about the risk 
  • The mole is protruding and easily irritated 
  • The mole is aesthetically unappealing and the patient wants it removed


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