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The Skin Clinic at St Joseph’s Hospital boasts a team of leading consultant dermatologists specialising in all key treatment areas including acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, allergy testing, skin lumps, skin cancer diagnosis and mole removal. We offer patients a highly specialised dermatology service, delivered by an outstanding team dedicated to delivering first-class care in a welcoming, supportive, 5 Star environment.

Dermatology involves the diagnosis and treatment of skin, nail, scalp and hair conditions. Conditions can be caused by irritants, allergens, diseases such as cancer, stress, autoimmunity or genetic factors.

If you are concerned about a skin condition, we invite you to visit our outstanding team of consultant dermatologists for a check-up, diagnosis and any necessary treatment. Our consultants offer continuity of care and ongoing surveillance of conditions, working in partnership with patients to deliver excellence in healthcare.


Our treatments



Acne treatment Ezcema treatments Hyperhirosis treatment
Psoriasis treatments Rosacea Skin lumps treatment
Contact allergy testing


Mole & skin cancer


Mole removal treatments Mole & skin cancer screening Skin & melanoma treatment

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