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Spinal clinic


St Joseph’s Hospital treats an extensive range of spinal disorders and has gained an excellent reputation for its high standards of surgery and care. 


The conditions treated include:


  • spinal injuries
  • back pain
  • scoliosis
  • spinal deformity
  • spinal tumours
  • disc prolapse


Our spinal surgeons work within a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team which includes specialist consultant radiologists, pain medicine consultants, spinal consultant anaesthetists, skilled nurses and physiotherapists.


The spine


The spinal column extends from the skull to the pelvis.  There are 33 individual bones, vertebrae which form the spinal column.  The spine has several functions, most importantly; it protects the spinal cord, allows mobility, supports your head and allows for balance and weight distribution, it is a base for attachment of ligaments, tendons and muscles.


The vertebrae are positioned one on top of each other and are separated by discs which act as shock absorbers.  The spinal cord and nerves allow messages to travel from the brain to other areas of your body, e.g. the muscles of your legs.  The discs, vertebrae, nerves, ligaments, muscles and joints in a healthy back should all work together to allow for mobility whilst maintaining stability.


Spinal conditions


There are many different spinal conditions that affect the complex structure of the spine.  This list provides more information on the more common conditions.  


Read more about spinal conditions

  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Disc prolapse (or herniated disc)
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Disc degeneration disease (DDD)
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal tumours
  • Spinal trauma
  • Spinal deformities
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica


Operations and procedures


Below are some of the more common operations and procedures. 


Read more about spinal procedures


  • Lumbar interbody fusion (anterior, transforaminal or posterior)
  • Microdiscectomy
  • Decompression/laminectomy
  • DIAM - device for intervertebral assisted motion
  • X stop
  • Vertebroplasty
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Disc nucleus replacement
  • Total disc replacement
  • Discography
  • Nerve route injections
  • Facet joint injections
  • Caudal epidural
  • Cervical discectomy
  • Minimally invasive spinal surgery
  • Anterior release/ fusion for scoliosis
  • Posterior release/fusion for scoliosis
  • Spinal surgery for trauma


Our team


Our spinal team


Our treatments

AC joint decompression
AC joint reconstruction
Ankle arthroscopy
Ankle fusion
Ankle ligament repair
Ankle replacement
Arthroscopic decompression of patellar tendonisis
Arthroscopic meniscal repair
Biceps tendon repair
Big toe cheilectomy
Big toe joint fusion
Carpal Tunnel release
Cervical disc replacement
Clavicle surgery
Complex surgery wrist
Cruciate ligament reconstruction - anterior
Distal radius fracture fixation
DRUJ surgery and replacment
Elbow arthritis surgery
Elbow arthroscopy
Elbow ganglion excision
Elbow replacement
Excision of bursa of elbow
Extracorporeal shock wave treatment
Facet joint injection
Finger joint replacement
Fluoroscopic injection
Foot bunion removal
Foot surgery
Fracture fixation surgery
Frozen shoulder surgery
Ganglion and tumour excision in the hand and wrist
Ganglion removal feet
Ganglion removal hand and wrist
Hand and wrist ligament reconstruction
Hand joint ligament repair
Hip arthroscopy
Hip replacement
Hip replacement revision surgery
Image guided injections into joint
Knee arthroscopy
Knee cap joint replacement
Knee cap stabilisation
Knee cartilage surgery
Knee realignment surgery
Knee replacement
Management of back pain
Meniscal repair surgery
Meniscal transplantation
Microdiscectomy for disc prolapse
Midfoot fusions
Minimally invasive spinal procedures
OK procedure of the elbow
Open and minimally invasive fixation techniques including cementation
Osteochonral reconstruction of articular surface
Osteocyte transplantation
Partial knee replacement
Pectoralis major tendon repair
PRP injection
Radiofrequency ablation
Repair of tibialis posterior tendon
Rheumatoid foot reconstruction
Rheumatoid hand and wrist joint surgery
Rotator cuff surgery
Scaphoid fracture repair
Scapular surgery
Shoulder arthroscopic debridement
Shoulder arthroscopic decompression
Shoulder arthroscopic release
Shoulder biceps tenodesis
Shoulder replacement
Shoulder replacement revision surgery
Shoulder reverse polarity replacement
Shoulder SLAP repair
Shoulder stabilisation - Bankart repair
Spinal decompression
Spinal fusions
Spinal surgery
Stress views
Tendon repair
Thumb arthritis surgery
Toe deformity correction
Toe replacement
Trapeziumectomy for thumb base osteoarthritis
Triangular fibrocartilage complex surgery wrist
Trigger finger and trigger thumb release
Ulnar nerve release
Various spinal injections
Wrist replacement
Zadeks (toe nail removal)

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