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Hip and knee clinic


St Joseph’s Hospital is equipped to deal with the many problems patients can experience with their knees and hips.




The hip joints play a major role in supporting the movement of the body from walking to jumping and running. The hips comprise of ball-and-socket joints providing a wide range of flexibility between the femur and the hip bone (os coxa). The hips main function is to support the body’s weight.

There are many problems which can affect the hips including sports injuries, hereditary and developmental conditions, trauma to the hip (during an accident) and all aspects of arthritis such as osteoarthritis.


Guided hip injections

Guided hip injections are used to alleviate the symptoms of hip damage for a period of time and as an aid to diagnosis.

Guided hip injections


  • What is a guided hip injection?
  • Why have a guided hip injection?
  • What happens if my surgeon decides that I need a hip injection?
  • What does a hip injection involve?
  • What happens after the injection?
  • Risks of a hip injection and side effects
  • How long does it take to work?
  • How long does it last?


Hip replacement

Unfortunately there is no medical cure for extensive damage or the effects of arthritis to your hip joints. That does not mean that you have to live in pain and your surgeon may well advise you to consider hip replacement.

Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the arthritic hip joint with an artificial joint. This is also known as a prosthetic joint.

The socket in the pelvis, known as the acetabulum is excised and an artificial hemispherical prosthetic socket, commonly known as a cup, is then inserted into the pelvis.

The ball part of the joint, the head of the femoral bone, is removed. A prosthetic stem is then inserted into the femur (thigh bone). A new ball is then attached to this stem to create the new ball and socket joint.

The new socket and stem are held in place either by a special material attached to the surface of the prosthesis which allows your own bone to grow onto this surface and fix it in place, or else a surgical cement is used to glue them in position. This is very similar to that used in dental surgery to fix metal fillings in place.

The ball, stem and socket can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, plastic and ceramic.

We only use prosthetic components with a proven track record. The hip prostheses we use are the best in class with a long and reliable track record of success. Our surgeons have visited the design centres for these prostheses and learnt the specific surgical techniques for their insertion.


Find out more about hip replacement surgery


Our team




The knee is the largest joint in the human body and its mechanics are extremely complicated. It is a pivotal hinge joint, which permits flexion and extension as well as some internal and external rotation. As knees support almost the whole weight of the body, they are vulnerable to both acute injury and the development of osteoarthritis.

The most common symptoms associated with knee problems are:


  • pain
  • swelling or ‘effusion’
  • instability
  • locking and catching
  • stiffness
  • knee weakness
  • meniscal problems
  • cartilage problems
  • ligament injuries
  • common knee ligament injuries
  • knee arthritis


Knee treatments include:


  • non-surgical knee treatments
  • drug treatments
  • surgical treatment


Knee problems


Our team



Our treatments

AC joint decompression
AC joint reconstruction
Ankle arthroscopy
Ankle fusion
Ankle ligament repair
Ankle replacement
Arthroscopic decompression of patellar tendonisis
Arthroscopic meniscal repair
Biceps tendon repair
Big toe cheilectomy
Big toe joint fusion
Carpal Tunnel release
Cervical disc replacement
Clavicle surgery
Complex surgery wrist
Cruciate ligament reconstruction - anterior
Distal radius fracture fixation
DRUJ surgery and replacment
Elbow arthritis surgery
Elbow arthroscopy
Elbow ganglion excision
Elbow replacement
Excision of bursa of elbow
Extracorporeal shock wave treatment
Facet joint injection
Finger joint replacement
Fluoroscopic injection
Foot bunion removal
Foot surgery
Fracture fixation surgery
Frozen shoulder surgery
Ganglion and tumour excision in the hand and wrist
Ganglion removal feet
Ganglion removal hand and wrist
Hand and wrist ligament reconstruction
Hand joint ligament repair
Hip arthroscopy
Hip replacement
Hip replacement revision surgery
Image guided injections into joint
Knee arthroscopy
Knee cap joint replacement
Knee cap stabilisation
Knee cartilage surgery
Knee realignment surgery
Knee replacement
Management of back pain
Meniscal repair surgery
Meniscal transplantation
Microdiscectomy for disc prolapse
Midfoot fusions
Minimally invasive spinal procedures
OK procedure of the elbow
Open and minimally invasive fixation techniques including cementation
Osteochonral reconstruction of articular surface
Osteocyte transplantation
Partial knee replacement
Pectoralis major tendon repair
PRP injection
Radiofrequency ablation
Repair of tibialis posterior tendon
Rheumatoid foot reconstruction
Rheumatoid hand and wrist joint surgery
Rotator cuff surgery
Scaphoid fracture repair
Scapular surgery
Shoulder arthroscopic debridement
Shoulder arthroscopic decompression
Shoulder arthroscopic release
Shoulder biceps tenodesis
Shoulder replacement
Shoulder replacement revision surgery
Shoulder reverse polarity replacement
Shoulder SLAP repair
Shoulder stabilisation - Bankart repair
Spinal decompression
Spinal fusions
Spinal surgery
Stress views
Tendon repair
Thumb arthritis surgery
Toe deformity correction
Toe replacement
Trapeziumectomy for thumb base osteoarthritis
Triangular fibrocartilage complex surgery wrist
Trigger finger and trigger thumb release
Ulnar nerve release
Various spinal injections
Wrist replacement
Zadeks (toe nail removal)

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