- Drainage of conjunctival cyst
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Drainage of conjunctival cyst


What is a conjunctival cyst?


A cyst is a structure or mass that consists of a cellular lined sac.  It is typically filled with fluid, however may consist of a solid material.  A conjunctival cyst refers to the location of the structure or mass on the back of the eyelid.   

Symptoms may include tearing, inflammation of the eye, reddening of the eye and discomfort.
The condition may be present at birth (congenital) or acquired later in life.  Acquired conjunctival cyst may result from trauma.

What does treatment involve?

Draining of a conjunctival cyst is a brief surgery performed with the use of numbing drops and a local anaesthetic injection.  
Your surgeon may choose to delicately cut the cyst open with a surgical blade and use an instrument called a curette to effectively scoop out the contents.  Alternatively, the cyst may be lanced off completely.  The wound is then cauterized (burnt), effectively sealing off the blood vessels.  
Antibiotic ointment will be used to prevent infection and a patch applied over the eye to control any bleeding.  


What are the risks involved?

Surgery to drain a conjunctival cyst is generally a very safe procedure.  Nonetheless, all surgery and anaesthetic have some risk associated.  Risks to all surgeries include infection, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anaesthetic or blood clotting.
If you experience problems, such as increased pain, bleeding or worsening vision following surgery please contact us.

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