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Welcome to the Minor Injuries Centre


The Minor Injuries Centre at St Joseph’s Hospital provides assessment and treatment to patients over 6 years of age who have sustained a minor injury.


Our dedicated and highly experienced team consists of Emergency Specialist Dr Alan Ng and Emergency Nurse Practitioners. The centre provides prompt, high quality care in comfortable surroundings. The centre has a treatment room for children to help put them at ease.


The Minor Injuries Centre provides a walk in service, so an appointment is not necessary. In most cases you will be seen immediately, however our service pledge is that you will be seen within 30 minutes even in our busiest periods.


We have immediate access to onsite facilities including blood tests, X-rays and scans. Our designated treatment room and plaster room ensure smooth and efficient care. We are also able to prescribe antibiotics and pain relief if necessary to aid your recovery.


If your injury requires more specialist attention we can refer you to our onsite clinical physiotherapy centre or seamlessly arrange an appointment with one of over 160 leading consultants.


Examples of conditions that we commonly treat at the Minor Injuries Centre include:


  • head injuries without loss of consiousness or vomiting
  • whiplash
  • limb fractures
  • soft tissue injury/sports injury
  • minor burns/scalds
  • minor eye injury
  • foreign bodies to eyes, ear and nose
  • facial injuries which do not require extensive cosmetic intervention
  • cuts, grazes, bites and stings

What we treat and don’t treat



Inclusion criteria


Exclusion criteria

Children over the age of 6 years Children under 6 years of age
Head injuries without loss of consciousness or vomiting Acute obstetric emergency
Whiplash Cardiac chest pain (central crushing pain radiating to arm, neck, jaw)
Limb fractures Head injuries with loss of consciousness, vomiting, confusion
Soft tissue injury/sports injury Large amount of blood loss from limb or any orifice
Minor burns/scalds Open fractures with obvious deformity and bone protrusion with loss of sensation to extremities
Minor eye injuries Major burns or smoke inhalation
Foreign bodies to eyes, ears, nose Drug overdose
Facial injuries which do not require extensive cosmetic intervention Alcohol intoxication
General ear nose and throat conditions    
Ear infections, pain, lacerations, hearing problems    
Pleural chest pain (not cardiac)    
Abdominal pain    
Cuts, grazes, bites, stings    


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Fractures sprains &  strains Wounds burns cuts & grazes
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