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Welcome to the Minor Injuries Centre


As our Private GP Centre of Excellence goes from strength to strength and we are experiencing increased demand for this service, we have decided to close our Minor Injuries centre as of Monday 29th January. This will allow us to expand our growing Private GP service.


If you’d like to contact us about this service or if you have any questions, please call us on 01633 820 300.



Inclusion criteria


Exclusion criteria

Children over the age of 6 years Children under 6 years of age
Head injuries without loss of consciousness or vomiting Acute obstetric emergency
Whiplash Cardiac chest pain (central crushing pain radiating to arm, neck, jaw)
Limb fractures Head injuries with loss of consciousness, vomiting, confusion
Soft tissue injury/sports injury Large amount of blood loss from limb or any orifice
Minor burns/scalds Open fractures with obvious deformity and bone protrusion with loss of sensation to extremities
Minor eye injuries Major burns or smoke inhalation
Foreign bodies to eyes, ears, nose Drug overdose
Facial injuries which do not require extensive cosmetic intervention Alcohol intoxication
General ear nose and throat conditions    
Ear infections, pain, lacerations, hearing problems    
Pleural chest pain (not cardiac)    
Abdominal pain    
Cuts, grazes, bites, stings    




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