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LifeCheck Support Programme


Many patients who undertake our health assessments will receive recommendations to change their lifestyle to improve and protect their health.  Advice could involve changing your diet, losing weight, taking more exercise, cutting back on alcohol or smoking for instance. 


We appreciate that we are all prone to failing to deliver on very good intentions and we therefore offer an additional service to help you deliver those intentions with our support.

Our LifeCheck Support Programme is available to all LifeCheck patients and is designed to provide the help you need to maintain your good intentions.


St Joseph’s LifeCheck Support Programme – monitoring your health and fitness.


Your LifeCheck assessment will analyse your overall fitness and level of wellbeing.  Our aim is to support you and give professional guidance to help improve both of these markers.  Increased activity levels and a balanced diet are the most effective ways to minimise your risk of heart disease.

Your LifeCheck Support Programme includes 6 x one hour sessions with a specialist physiotherapist.  The sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis and aim to build your exercise tolerance and provide essential advice on developing a healthy lifestyle.  We can also provide specific acupuncture treatments designed to help quit addictions such as smoking.  

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