- Pinnaplasty (earlobe reduction)
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Pinnaplasty (earlobe reduction)


What is pinnaplasty?


Pinnaplasty, or otoplasty, is a surgical procedure to re-size or re-shape the ears.


What does surgery involve?


The procedure may be performed under local or general anaesthetic.  Your surgeon will advise which anaesthetic is the most appropriate in your case.  The procedure to reduce or re-shape an earlobe usually takes approximately 30-45 minutes per ear.


Your surgeon will remove excess tissue and use fine internal and external stitches to re-shape the earlobe.


How soon will I recover?


After surgery there will be small, red scars on the ears.  After 4-6 months the colouring will fade to a pale silvery colour.


What are the risks involved?


Earlobe reduction surgery is commonly performed and is generally a safe operation.  Nonetheless, all surgery and anaesthetic have some risk associated.  Risks to all surgeries include infection, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anaesthetic or blood clotting.


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