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We provide private specialist physiotherapy healthcare to patients with medical insurance and those who self-pay.


You do not need a referral from your GP or consultant if self-funding your treatment - simply book an appointment for a time that suits you and avoid waiting, as we are open from 8am and can offer a range of evening appointments.




Initial consultation and treatment £50
Follow-up consultation and treatment £40

Sports and exercise medicine Dr Geoff Davies 

Initial consultation £130
Follow-up consultation £90
Ultrasound scan (non-reported)


Steroid joint injection £110
Platelet rich plasma injection (PRP) £434
Visco supplement (Monovisc) injection £380
Ultrasound-guided injection £220
High volume injection £170
Prolotherapy £125

Shockwave therapy 

Shockwave therapy (initial assessment with 3 treatment sessions) £615



1 to 1 session (40 minutes) £55
Self-help package (6 x 45 minute sessions)  £50

Pelvic Health


(female/male incontinence, pre/post gynaecological surgery, pregnancy related pain, and chronic pelvic pain)


Initial consultation & treatment 

Follow-up treatment session £40 


Initial consultation and treatment £50
Follow-up treatment session £40

AlterG anti-gravity treadmill

Initial consultation, induction and programme plan £50

Time packages

Bronze (150 minutes)  £75
Silver (300 minutes) £125 
Gold (450 minutes) £150 



1 to 1 session £50
Class package (6 classes) £50

Biomechanical assessment


Running analysis (90 minutes)

 *please refer to the Hospital’s Terms & Conditions for full details  
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