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Our Cardiology prices


At St Joseph’s Hospital we believe that our patients should be able to make a fully informed choice before they decide to select us as their private health provider.  Our self-pay prices are as follows:


Consultation (with consultant) £175
Follow-up with consultant £90
24 hour ECG tape £375
48 hour ECG tape £425
24 hour blood pressure monitor £375
7 day event monitor £535
2 week event monitor £695
Transthoracic echocardiogram £455
Contrast £65
ECG exercise stress test £395
Dobutamine stress echocardiogram £945
Lung function test £65
CT coronary angiogram scan £850
Cardiac MRI scan (without injection) £850
Cardiac MRI contrast £100
CT coronary calcium score scan £370
Cardiac CT perfusion £1,300
12 lead ECG £65
Elite Heart Health Bronze £340
Elite Heart Health Silver £780
Elite Heart Health Gold £1,160
Elite Heart Health Platinum £1,530 
Elite Heart Health Platinum Plus £2,010 

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