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‘One Stop’ Cardiology – what does it mean?


The diagnosis and treatment of medical problems requires a complex number of events to occur in a set sequence.  Wherever possible at St Joseph’s we endeavour to make that a rapid process, with as many of the steps completed in one visit as possible.  That is what private healthcare is all about.  Access to see a consultant without delay, diagnostic tests performed immediately with minimal delay and a timely follow up with your consultant.  You can then start any necessary treatment as soon as possible.


We offer a ‘One Stop’ Cardiology service in line with those principles.

We cannot promise to get everything done in one visit simply because your diagnostic procedures may take time to complete, but if you need a chest monitor fitted, or other diagnostic test carried out, you will not require a further appointment to get that done.

The cardiology team is located next door to our Centre for Advanced Diagnostics, boasting the world's most advanced diagnostic imaging technology, so any imaging that may be required can be done there and then without having to travel, or wait for an appointment.


Our ‘One Stop’ service is unique in Wales, and it gives our patients precisely the service that you have a right to expect.



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