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BreastCare surgery


Our team of surgeons combine many years of experience of operating as consultants utilising the very latest surgical techniques; including breast conservation, oncoplastic breast surgery, breast reconstruction and breast augmentation, reduction and mastopexy (breast lift).


If you are diagnosed with breast cancer and you are advised to have surgery you will want to know that you are in the very best of hands.  If a breast cancer is detected there are a variety of surgical options including breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy), pre-surgical chemotherapy to shrink lesions and mastectomy with reconstruction.

If you require a mastectomy you will be offered reconstructive surgery.  Sometimes this takes place at the same time as the treatment surgery, in other cases it can be delayed, depending on the individual case, and the wishes of the patient.


Your breast surgeon will be able to offer you breast reconstruction.  All the surgical and treatment options will be discussed with by your consultant.  Our breast care nurses will take time to meet with you to talk through the options as well as discuss the physical effect of each operation as well as showing you a selection of photographs to aid your understanding and help you to be fully informed about what lies ahead. They can also arrange for you to meet women who have been through the various operations, so you can gain a first hand, personal understanding of the experience.  An essential role of our breast care nurse is having the ability to guide you to breast cancer support groups and local support organisations like Breast Cancer Care Cymru (https://www.breastcancercare.org.uk).  This ensures ongoing support for you as our patient, and rest assured that if you need to see our breast care nurse at any time we will be happy to accommodate you.

If you choose not to have an immediate reconstruction, this is available to you in the future if you wish.



Our treatments

Aspiration of cyst under ultrasound
Biopsy breast under ultrasound
Block dissection of axillary lymph nodes (axillary clearance) levels 1-3
Breast reconstruction
Breast reduction or uplift with TiLoop mesh internal bra
Excision biopsy of breast lesion after localisation
Excision biopsy of breast lesion after localisation bilateral
Excision of breast lump/fibroadenoma
Excision of mammary fistula
Local mobilisation of glandular breast tissue to fill surgical cavity
Lymph node biopsy
Lymph node clearance
Mastectomy - radical
Mastectomy - simple
Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using extended latissimus dorsi flap
Mastectomy and immediate reconstruction of breast using latissimus dorsi
Mastectomy for gynaecomastia bilateral
Mastectomy for gynaecomastia unilateral
Microdocchectomy or mammodochectomy (Hadfields procedure)
Modified radical mastectomy
Modified radical mastectomy (including lymph node clearance)
Modified radical mastectomy (including lymph node sampling)
Plastic procedures on nipple
Prophylactic mastectomy - bilateral
Prophylactic mastectomy - unilateral
Radical mastectomy (including block dissection)
Re-excision of lesion of breast if resection margins are not clear
Reconstruction of the breast using extended latissimus dorsi flap (including delayed reconstruction)
Sampling of axillary lymph nodes
Sentinel node biopsy
Sentinel node mapping and sampling with blue dye and radioactive probe for breast cancer
Subcutaneous mastectomy with immediate implant
Ultrasound breast
Wide excision of lesion of the breast
Wide local excision of breast +/- mobilisation of glandular breast
Wire localisation under x-ray control

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