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Welcome to the Centre for Advanced Diagnostics


Advanced diagnostic services are at the heart of high quality modern healthcare.  St Joseph’s Hospital has invested to create a state of the art advanced diagnostic unit which is unrivalled by any private hospital in the UK.


The ability to be able to look inside our bodies in superb clarity has had a major impact upon the accuracy of diagnosis in virtually all areas of medicine.  This ability significantly promotes accurate patient diagnosis and enhanced onward patient management which increases the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Patient comfort is also enhanced in a number of different ways, by the diagnostic scanners themselves (quieter and non-claustrophobic) and the ability to replace conventional, but uncomfortable interventional diagnostic procedures with quicker and reduced risk procedures.

St Joseph’s Hospital draws upon a deep seated collaboration with the world leading European Scanning Centre in the heart of Harley Street in London, which keeps the hospital in the forefront of the latest advances in imaging.

What scan do you need  Imaging facilities at St Joseph's Hospital
Advanced diagnostic pathology service
Imaging facilities at St Joseph's Hospital
  Information for patients regarding radiation in CT scans


In partnership with Harley Street's European scanning centre.

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